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Company Profile
The policy for quality and environment is an integral part of the Company policy of
Carmo Ltd. guaranteed by our management.

Business Focus
Carmo Ltd. is distinctive in the field of caravan movers by novelty, quality and durability. The intention of Carmo Ltd. is to realise for the users to park their caravan or trailer as easy as possible.

What makes theconcept vigour of the SimPark caravan mover?
In particular the quality and durability of the SimPark caravan mover. For all components we use high quality materials (stainless steel) and high quality finish to protect the quality of the SimPark movers. Beside that, the caravan mover is powerful so that even heavy caravans or trailers can be moved with ease and precision. And finally, the SimPark is easy to use.

Finally, how is the name SimPark formed?
From Simple Parking. The caravan movers are simple to use, it needs little effort. The construction is relatively simple and at the same time it is extremely strong and powerful.


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