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  • Keep your SimPark mover, especially the two drive rollers free from little stones, dirt and other debris. Clean the mover just with water and a brush.
  • If you use the caravan mover in the winter season, we advise to rinse off the mover at your destination with plenty of water. Aggressive chemicals like, brine and sodium chloride (used to keep the roads free from snow), can cause corrosion to the steelwork of the mover. Using the mover during the winter season we advise to treat the mover with a special coating.
  • We recommend a yearly maintenance and inspection of the mover to refrain you from malfunction.
  • The electronic parts do not need any maintenance.

  • When the caravan will be stowed away for a long time, we recommend you to remove the batteries of the remote to prevent damage to the remote by leaking batteries. Dispose of empty or leaking batteries in the appropriate chemical waste container.



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