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Friday, 08 April 2011 00:00

The SimPark Sencell battery on sale in the Netherlands.

Carmo Ltd left, as usual, nothing to chance and has released, after a long period of extensive testing and analysis, the first copies of the Sencell battery for sale.

Carmo Ltd has opted for a 30 and 40 Ampre versions. The 30 amp battery is sufficient to manouvre the caravan (over 40 minutes) but it can also serve as excellent battery board (minimum of 2 days supply for the interior of your caravan). The 40 amp Battery is designed for the real heavy duty work and performs in very exceptional circumstances.

Sencell the battery is supplied with the necessary mounting parts for a professional attachment to the caravan.

The weight of the 30 amp battery is only 4.6kg and the weight of the 40 amp version is 5.8kg. The Sencell comes with a specially adapted 8Ah charger for lithium batteries.

In 6 hours time, the Sencell battery is fully charged. The weight of the charger is only 900g. The weight savings with this new Sencell battery is, compared to a conventional lead / acid battery, approx 22kg.

Sencell accu van SimPark


        Technische informatie                Download hier de datasheet van de Sencell accu Download
    Battery type : Lithium Ion LiFe P04    
    Capacity (Ah) : 30 Ah.    
    Nominal load (A) : 80 Amp.    
    Peak load (A) : 185 Amp.    
    Weight (kg) : 4,6 kilo    
    Weight charger (kg) : 0,9 kilo    
    Dimensions (LxBxH mm) : 175x175x130    
    Protected against : To high loadcurrent    
      : To high loadvoltage    
      : To high current consumption    
      : To high cell temperature    
      : To low loadvoltage    
      : Full discharge    
    Continuous usage : 40 minutes    
    Charging via car or solar panel : Yes, contact your dealer    
    Warranty : 24 months    
    Lifetime expectancy   2000-2500 loading cycles    

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