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Stainless steel
The new generation of the SimPark movers comes standard in sustainable
Stainless steel. Use of Stainless steel gives you the assurance that even after 10 years (in case transferring the mover to a new caravan) the SimPark mover still looks good and functions reliably.

Drive rollers
Partly at the request of the consumers, the drive rollers are made of Duraluminium. A big advantageof the aluminium rollers, is the weight reduction. The rollers are light and the special profile squeezes out the dirt when they are pressed against the tyres.

The SimPark mover uses highly advanced electronic techniques. The Controller is cooled by two fans. The PCB has a special coating that protects the components against corrosion due condensation. This increases the lifetime and reliability of the electronic components. Acoustic error codes ensure that any malfunction can be quickly identified. A low battery voltage, a high processor temperature or overload situation, are identified through a series of beeps.

The SimPark mover is increasingly applied in the professional sector, SimPark chooses therefore to produce the main gear in the gearbox of Bronze in contrast to the more applied Nylon or Delrin.

The use of a Bronze gear and Teflon based lubrication ensures that the wear of the gear by heavy load, is limited to a minimum.


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